Solar power plant engineering

Our company “Solar Steelconstruction” also provides service for solar power plant engineering
The process of engeneering solar power plants is the most important stage in the project implementation, because it is necessary to take into account a variety of factors: site layout, network bandwidth, availability of engineering networks and communications at the site and, of course, properly-selected equipment and components for the future station. So in designing such objects used special software and certified internationally compliant components.

Our projects include next work stages:

  1. Search for a land plot for installing a solar power plant or use of existing site of the customer.
  2. System engineering and design including:
  • Selection of photovoltaic panel, which generate electric current of constant voltage;
  • Selection of network inverters that convert DC to AC;
  • Monitoring system engineering;
  • Engineering counters that monitor system productivity;
  • Engineering of metal structures on which solar panels are mounted;
  • Provides work on determining the place of connection to the Centralized Power Line;
  • Engineering of domestic or industrial appliances, consuming electricity.